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Sebosis, LLC is dedicated to the success of its clients and professional satisfaction of its members. The firm is built largely through repeat business and word-of-mouth due to our providing day in, day out and year in, year out satisfaction to our clients. Our highly collaborative approach results in jointly developed objectives, options, strategies and implementations. Our recommendations and implementations are always practical, client specific and cost effective. Additionally, we ensure clear communications and expectation management with all levels of our clients’ organizations: top executives, management and individual contributors.

Sebosis is technology, service and vendor neutral. We work with client staff as well as our clients existing vendors. Our approaches leverage the best frameworks available, but customizing these frameworks to client needs and situations is Sebosis standard practice - not bending the client organization and thinking to theoretical models. Carefully introducing and managing change is a critical component to each Sebosis project. These practices are the best way to ensure our clients get the best result possible.

Sebosis members have an average of over 20 years experience in leveraging information technology in order to maximize business success. Members maintain their drive and passion for client success due to our focus matching members' personal needs and desires to our clients’ requirements and business objectives.

Some Team Members

Peter Sorrentino


Peter brings over 20 years of experience in technical product development, technology strategy, technology architecture, electronic product management and development, startup business strategy, and Internet solutions development. His experience focuses on the practical development of strong foundations for growth, rapid execution, and business results. Peter’s experience spans both architecting enterprise solutions as well as working in entrepreneurial environments and startups. More...

Pat McKee



Bob Trabucchi


Bob brings over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Specifically his experience is with technical communications and internal marketing of Internet technologies, network security, application integration. Bob has deep expertise in content management systems and their impact to businesses bottom line.

Margie Tomczak



Ed McFadden



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